17 March 2006

My Car

So all week I've used Jeffrey's car since he was home with Ian. Jeffrey didn't mind and even said we didn't have to switch the order of cars when I asked him to the other night because he didn't mind me using his.
But last night he asked me to switch cars because Ian is feeling better and now has "cabin fever". Poor guy just doesn't know what to do with himself. So Jeffrey is going to take him out of the house somewhere this afternoon.
My car was not happy last night after not being started for four days. It was dang near impossible to get it in gear and when I did it grinded something awful.
My car has had issues for several months now. I'd taken it somewhere cheap to get the oil change done and unbeknownst to me they had not put oil back in, at least that's what we think because a month our so later I brought it to a friend of ours and he said it's overheating and stuff cause there's no oil in it. But there was no leak, so it would have been nearly impossible to burn through the oil in that month. (That'll teach me to go to a cheap place to get the oil changed.) Also, the friend said the transmission is slipping but it's really not worth repairing because my car typ eis known for major transmission problems once it starts going down hill it just isn't pretty and not worth the money it would take. So I've been driving it even though when stopping it sounds like a siren (not loud enough really to hear outside the car but noisy enough to get annoying). Then this morning it took me two tries to get it to start. The whole way to work (thankfully ony 2.5 miles) it was very difficult to change gears and basically not a fun car ride. Same thing when I went home for lunch.
So I told Jeffrey about it and he actually said what I'd been thinking... I hope the clutch isn't shot. I'll call the repair guy and see what he thinks but it sure seems like car shopping is somewhere in the near future.

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