08 March 2006

Traveling - Evening Church

Dad had a couple new families to do membership class with on Sunday
night, so we went back over to the church. Each of the families had a
set of twins that mom and I would watch along with Ian. One of the boys
introduced himself and his brother. Then a little later when the girls
warmed up to being there with a new person, the one said we are twins
you know. And I said oh really, she said yes, we were born on the same
day. It was very obvious that each set was twins, fortunately one boy
had jeans and the other had army pants, and the girls had their hair
done differently. All four were impressed when I remembered their names
and attached them to the right child.
The five kids were very wound up, so we let them run a bit in the Sunday
school room, and then they painted and did some mazes. Mom and I were
impressed when we got all five of them to sit and watch a 20 minute
After they left, we walked back across the parking lot to the house and
Ian was very wound up, jumping and tumbling on the lawn in the cold.
Then we went inside and he ran laps around their kitchen, dining room,
hallway and living room. After a few minutes, I looked at mom and dad,
shook my head and said man am I glad he isn't twins. They just laughed.

Pamela Lynn

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