31 March 2006

Pet Peeve - Recalls

This morning my Mom called me to warn me of a recall. She was just being the concerned Grandparent which was nice, different but nice! She heard on the news this morning that Magnetix sets were being recalled and she knows that Ian loves these. Several of his sets have come from her because for some reason it's easy for her to remember that he likes these.
Here is a link to the CPSC article: Child’s Death Prompts Replacement Program of Magnetic Building Sets

Now for why this has hit a nerve, the toy is meant for children who are six or up (to 100 is what it lists) and the children who are listed in the article were 20 months and 5 years. I'm sorry that they died but they should have been supervised. I know that may sound cruel. But recalls that really, at least in my humble opinion, boil down to something that should have been a parents job just irritate me.
Ian has been playing with these since he was 3. When he plays with them we are watching knowing that they are a choking hazard, at the very least. I know that this discovery of multiple ones being swallowed is not listed on the box as a hazard, but the choking hazard is. So shouldn't these children have been supervised and made to take them out of their mouths before they would have been swallowed? And if they didn't take them out shouldn't they have been taken away? When does or should the responsibilities to be a parent fall back on the parent?

As I said I'm sorry if this has been mean but it's just my opinion and it just hit a nerve that made me want to write about it.

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