08 March 2006

Traveling - Not Fair

When I picked Ian up from school on Friday, I asked if he wanted to know
what his surprise was. Of course he said yes. So I told him that we were
going to see his Grandma and Grandpa, just the two of us. Not Daddy? I
knew this was coming and had already decided that if he was going to be
that upset about it we just wouldn't go and I told him so. No, no I want
to go to Grandma's was the reply I got to that one. But he says it
wasn't fair. I asked what wasn't fair. Ian said it isn't fair that you
and I get to go for fun at Grandma's and Daddy has to stay home and
clean. I asked him what makes you think that Daddy would have to be
cleaning and he just shrugged. So I told him that Daddy was staying home
for two reasons, one was because Daddy had work on Monday so we wouldn't
be able to stay as long if he came and because Daddy had a lot of school
work. Then he was a little better but wanted to leave right then for the
trip. I told him that we would leave first thing the next morning.
Pamela Lynn

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