21 March 2006

Normal Week?

This week is going to be crazy. Yesterday I did a lot of running around for an early morning reception and a lunch time reception at work. It was a lot of running here, set this up, run there set that up, and then clean up. It was also Ian's first day back to school in a week and his first soccer practice for spring season. By 9pm when I got Ian to bed and got into bed myself I was exhausted, even though I'd had a nap earlier in the day. We both fell asleep quickly.
Tonight is the Annual Employee Awards night at Jeffrey's work. He won't be home till about 9:30 or so. I'm not sure I'll make it till then, never mind trying to stay up till 10 for Amazing Race. Last year he called at 9 to say he was going out for a drink with some of his co-workers, which I wasn't thrilled with and I'm hoping he won't pull that again.
Tomorrow is Jeffrey's branch manager's meeting. Then Thursday is Ian's next soccer practice. Friday might be free but I'm not positive because it's payday and that normally means grocery shopping at the very least. Saturday is Ian's first game this season and that evening Jeffrey has another manager's meeting for work (this one is all manager's not just branch managers).
Just thinking about this all has my head spinning and it's really just a normal week.
Pamela Lynn

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