09 March 2006

My Mom - Skiing???

OK, I don't know about this... I just don't know.
My mom for most of her life was extremely over-weight (400+ on several occasions; her smallest size was a 14 even in high school). She would diet and then gain more back than she'd lost, very repeated cycle and she would always blame someone else for her weight gain - me for leaving home under bad circumstances, Scott (my brother) for being himself (we never figured out why he was to blame), Doren (my sister) for her bad divorce and moving home with two kids. None of us really should have been blamed and we all knew it.
Then she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, not surprisingly. When the nutritionist recommended diet was not helping enough she made the major decision to have gastric bypass surgery. Over the last two years she has gotten down to a very surprising 120 pounds, actually scarily skinny.
With her new found body, she has decided to try several things - bungee jump, roller coasters, parasailing, etc. Her newest feat? Skiing. She was doing so well with her lesson that the instructor decided to take her to the higher slope. She was doing great until the last 10 yards and hit a patch of loose snow. Her skis stuck, she kept going and hurt her knee. She was able to ski the rest of the way down and will probably go again. I just hope she realizes that even though she's lost the weight she isn't invincible.

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