14 March 2006

Update on Ian

Update on how Ian's doing... Jeffrey called - I didn't call to bug
aren't you proud of me? lol

His temp is normal and it's been 4 hours since he last had Motrin. We're
going to hold off and see if he can make it till bed time without more
Motrin. He's still coughing a storm and sneezing. He ate 3 more pancakes
for lunch... the kid is going to be tired of pancakes. It's like because
it was the first thing he ate after being so nauseous it's now the only
thing he'll eat? Poor guy I know I do the same thing when I'm sick to my

They've done 6 pages of the school work and Jeff asked if I'd help with
a couple more tonight (at regular homework time). No problem.

Then he took a two hour nap. I think he's trying to catch up with some
good sleep.

After nap they played Battleship and Ian won. Ha. Then he proceeded to
remind Jeffrey that the game is for 7 and up. Jeffrey's the up and he's
not even 7 and he won... what a little smart butt he is.

Pamela Lynn

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