08 March 2006

Traveling - Shoe Shopping

Ian needed new shoes. So while we were within 30 minutes of two
different outlet malls what better time to go shopping for his new
shoes. None of his shoes at home fit him. He hadn't told us, he never
has. We only find out when we start seeing blisters on his feet.
We went to the Hagerstown outlets. So we had to go over the mountain.
I'm not sure what mountain but it's pretty big and a very winding road.
Ian loves it, says it's peaceful looking and loves to watch for deer. On
the downside of the mountain we could see another mountain in front of
us and there were 3 sections of snow for a ski resort. Ian wanted to
know if that was where Oma had gone skiing since she had just gone the
weekend before and I had to tell him no that it was not because she went
to one closer to her house.
At the outlets we went to Stride Rite because they have a good variety
of sizes and usually carry the wide width kids shoes. I had the girl
measure Ian's feet to be sure we got the correct size. His feet had
grown two sizes. Poor guy, I felt awful. So we bought 4 pairs of shoes,
two in this size and two in a size up. They were buy one get one half
off and I had a 10% coupon so we only spent 80 dollars for all four
pairs; not bad at all.
Ian did not like the ride home back over the mountain as much because he
was on the creek side so there was a pretty big drop off on that side of
the road.
Once we were back in Thurmont we stopped at Burger King again so he
could have a snack and play on the slides.

Pamela Lynn

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