10 March 2006

Strange Dream

The other night I had a very odd dream. I drempt I was chewing bubble gum. It had no flavor left so I kept taking it out and putting it on a napkin. But I would no sooner take it out than I would dream there was more in my mouth. So I would take more out and put it on the napkin. This kept happening over and over in my dream and it was so real that I expected I would wake up to a wadded up napkin with tons of ABC gum.
After I woke up, it dawned on me why I'd had such a strange dream. That was my first night with my new night guard for my teeth to help me stop grinding them in my sleep. And it does literally feel as if I have gum stuck to all my upper teeth. I'm thankful for my new night guard because my teeth are already not hurting as much as they were. But I sure hope I don't have anymore of those strange dreams.


tosin said...

You must have been grinding the heck out of that guard to be dreaming like that! What a giggle you gave me! :)

I wish someone would give one of these to my sister (we shared a room as kids). The sounds of that squeeking and grinding will haunt my nightmares for life.


agent713 said...

LOL!!! At least you know what caused the wacky dream!