08 March 2006

Traveling - The Ride

The ride there was great, no traffic, not a lot of trucks (which I'm
deathly afraid of) and good weather. There was however a lot of cops. I
counted 20 cop cars and that was just the ones I could see, I'm sure
there were more. It didn't dawn on me until about halfway through the
trip why there were so many - spring break. I don't know about other
schools but several big schools here started spring break last weekend.
Even still I made good time the 238 mile trip only took 3.5 hours. Not
Ian asked every 30 minutes if we were there yet. It was cool because
he's starting to recognize landmarks on the trip to Grandma's (Busch
Gardens, King's Dominion, Cracker Barrel in Fredericksburg, The big
bridges and construction near DC, the "cool" buildings on I-270 and
Mountain Gate restaurant). So he knew when were getting closer but
didn't actually understand that was 30 minutes between each of those
things. Thank goodness for the portable DVD player. He watched two
movies on the way Star Wars Episode 2 and Sky High. It's weird though
listening to a movie while driving.

Pamela Lynn

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