13 March 2006

The Flu

Well it's been a busy weekend here taking care of Ian. For only the second time in his life he's running a fever. I mean in all the times he's been sick (strep, many many ear infections, tonsilitis) he's only run a fever one other time. I'm not dealing with it well. I'm stressing about it and cant' sleep cause he can't sleep cause he's too hot.
This morning I took him to the doctor's office and they did the nasal test to see if it was the flu. I'm thankful though that it wasn't a blood test because I wouldn't have been able to hold him still alone. Jeffrey happened to be at the doctor's but it was for a physical so he would have been busy getting his own stuff done. Any how the nurse (Ms Kathy) told him it wouldn't hurt and through his tears she was able to get the test done. Ms Kathy felt awful, I felt awful and Ian sat there crying. Almost immediately the line turned blue to indicate that in fact he does have the flu. So Ms Kathy put a mask on him, which he wasn't thrilled about, and for some strange reason he liked it better when the elastic pieces went over his ear rather than above it. We went to Target to get all the prescriptions because the doctor put Jeffrey and I on the medicine to as a preventative measure. Of course Target didn't have his medicine only the adult dose. But the pharmacist was very helpful, she called five or six other places until we found it. So I went through the drive through at Walgreens to drop off the prescription and will go to get it in about an hour.
Ian will be home all week, which if he were feeling better he might be happy about. He didn't even perk up when I told him that it would be daddy that would stay home with him. Although that is also because he's mommy's boy when he gets sick. I'd give up having my mommy's boy back if it would just make him feel better. For now he's relaxing on the couch playing Nick Toons Unite on the Game Cube.

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