08 March 2006

Traveling - The Talk

When we are in the car, Ian likes to play with my work badges, they are
on a pulley type string that winds back in when you let go plus he
thinks it is just cool that I have badges to get into my work. The one
badge is older (7 years) and he asks when it was taken because he
doesn't remember my hair like that. I told him it was taken while I was
pregnant with him and that for some reason that had made my hair curly.
Ian asks "What's pregnant mean?" I honestly though he knew that it meant
a baby was in a mommy's tummy but OK so I said it just meant it was
while he was in my tummy getting ready to be born. Ian asks "What's born
mean?" So I said it was when God decides you were ready to come out and
mommy went to the hospital so the doctor could help. He asks "How does
the doctor help?" (Ian has a look on his face like I'm nuts.) Well I
said; when the mommy is ready the doctor helps by guiding the baby out.
Ian asks "How can he guide the baby out when there is no hole?" Well
without going into any details I just said that there is a hole made
just for babies to be made and be born. He says OK like that explained
it all. Somehow I have a feeling he thinks that "hole" is my belly
button. I'm so not looking forward to the real version of this talk; I
don't like talking about my own body parts to my doctor never mind my
only son. I think that will have to be a conversation him and his Daddy

Pamela Lynn

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