25 March 2006

Ian's Reading

In December Ian read his first story to us that they had been working on in his Kindergarden class. Over the past couple weeks he is now reading more and more. He's even trying to sound out the really long words he sees anywhere we go (e.g. signs on the main street here or restaurant menu items). It is awesome to watch and listen to him learn.
Last night and this afternoon we did the grocery/Target/Sam's Club shopping. For each place he asked that I write all the things we needed in "not cursive" so he could read them for me. Not a problem. So I wrote out 3 different lists and at each store he read the items and then found them on the list as I put them in the cart so he could cross them off. This was he's not only wounding them out to say them he's figuring out what letters I'm saying. Pretty cool and he did an awesome job.

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agent713 said...

That's great Pamela! What a awesome way to practice with him too.