30 March 2006

Ian's Soccer Game

Last Saturday was Ian's first soccer game for this season. It was an awesome game. He has a great team, they work well together.

Ian Is Goalie For the first quarter Ian was goalie. He did an awesome job and stopped 3 attempted goals from the other team. I was so excited when he grabbed this ball after it went past the two defenders. Jeffrey and I were jumping up and down on the side-lines and I almost missed the oppurtunity to take a picture. The second and fourth quarters Ian played defense and did an awesome job (along with the other defender) of keeping the ball away from the goal. During the third quarter he played forward, which is not his best position, and he did an awesome job of helping to keep the ball on the other side of the field. When the game ended it was tied 2-2 and all of the parents cheered.

Ian is doing awesome this year at practices so far. Last year we had issues with him paying attention or tiring out or fidgeting on the field. I guess that all our yelling from the side-lines last year helped (ha) - it's probably just that he's that few months older.

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