08 March 2006

Traveling - The Park

Ian loves to go to the park when we visit his grandparents. The have
several very nice ones in Thurmont. There is the one downtown by Cozy (a
restaurant, shop and hotel), Loys Station (near a beautiful covered
bridge) and now Grandma wanted to bring us to the new one on Rt 15 at
the renovated rest area and information center.
I have to tell you though that for the life of me I couldn't figure why
there would be an info center there, I mean we were already an hour into
MD at that point on Rt 15. It dawned on me why when we did a u-turn to
get on the other side onto 15S. Where my in-laws live they are only 20
minutes from the PA border near Gettysburg. Silly me, it's the new
information center/rest area is for the people traveling south bound.
When we got there though, the park was roped off with caution tape
because it wasn't complete. Ian was very disappointed but we told him it
would probably be ready by the summertime when he visits. So we asked
where he'd like to go. His choice was Burger King; that way he could
have a snack and play on the slides outside. OK, whatever makes him
happy and he had a blast because he had the whole thing to himself.

Pamela Lynn

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