08 March 2006

Traveling - Lunch with Grandma

Mom had to go to work on Monday morning; she works at a cafeteria at a
local community college. Since it was on the way home for Ian and I she
asked that we stop by to say good-bye. Dad went too and led us there.
Ian was a little uncomfortable because of all the big kids but I just
said they were just the age of some of the kids in our neighborhood who
he gets along with. Everyone was really nice. All the ladies were
thrilled to meet Ian since they'd heard so much about him. The kids
thought he was cute, although Ian didn't like hearing the girls say
Grandma spoiled him for lunch; he ate two bites of his grilled cheese
but was still allowed chips and chocolate chip cookies. Lunch was very
nice but it was sad to leave.

Pamela Lynn

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