27 March 2006

I'm So Mean - Ha

Since Friday my phone at work has been acting weird. Occasionally I get
a dial tone and can make call out but I'm usually disconnected after a
couple minutes. Every time my co-worker hangs up his line, I hear the
dial tone over my speaker phone but nothing when I pick it up to get it
to stop. I called the phone person on Friday and today they are working
on it, great. So the guy thinks he has it fixed without calling CE over
to fix it.
A few minutes later I get a phone call from my mother. I warn her that
we might be disconnected and that I'll have no way to call her back. So
we're talking and she's being her normal irritating self.
A couple minutes into the conversation we were disconnected. I did the
happy dance!
Consequently I had to go get the phone guy, who says he's going to have
to call it in for the contractor to come fix.
Yay, I won't have a phone for a few days. See I'm so mean.

1 comment:

tosin said...

I think your phone needs an exorcism!